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De Vries, Catherine E., Sara B. Hobolt, Sven-Oliver Proksch & Jonathan Slapin (2021) Foundations of European Politics: A Comparative Approach.  Oxford University Press.

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De Vries, Catherine E. & Sara B. Hobolt (2020) Political Entrepreneurs: The Rise of Challenger Parties in Europe. Princeton University Press.*+

* Featured in: Financiëele Dagblad, Politico, Trouw, Washington Post

+ Reviewed in: Medium, Party Politics, Acta Politica

De Vries, Catherine E. (2018) Euroscepticism and the Future of European Integration. Oxford University Press. § # *+

§ Winner of the European Union Studies Association Best Book in EU Studies Award  

# Listed as top-5 book on Europe’s future by the Financial Times

* Featured in: Financial Times Foreign Affairs, NRC Handelsblad, Trouw,  Financiëele Dagblad ,  Politiken , OUP Blog, Wall Street Journal

Edited Volumes

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* Featured in:

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* Featured in:
Washington Post
LSE Brexit Blog

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* Featured in:
Pacific Standard

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